Un-Learning the Practice of Law is Not for Fakers

echo chamber.jpg

So many lawyers who are leaders in their firms run from conference panel to conference panel claiming that their firm has changed profoundly in the last 10 years.  That's nonsense.  Firms have merely progressed as they have done every other decade before that.  The practice of law has not changed.  

And yet they believe what they say.  And so do many other lawyers in the audience.  Why?  

Because they judge the change through the lens of their experience, customs and habits, that were developed over decades by their education, their career, their personal practice, their individual and collective success, etc.  These are biases (we all have them) about the practice of law which are reinforced and amplified by the legal profession echo chamber.

What would it take to get a proper view?  It would take un-learning those biases.  That’s hard.  Really hard.

Here is a video by Destin Sandlin that illustrates this beautifully.

Take 8 minutes out of your busy schedule to watch it.  If one of the 17+ million views to date was you, watch it again.  And ask yourself: what would it take to un-learn the practice of law?

It's definitely hard. And it will take time.  But it’s also worth it.  I hope you find inspiration and motivation in Destin's feat.

Friedrich Blase